Calgary Real Estate tips

Outdoor Checklist

  • Inspect exterior surfaces of your home, condo, acreage, and summer property for cracks and make any needed repairs.
  • If paint is peeling, cracking, or chipped, repair and repaint now to limit damage to the underlying materials.
  • Repair any damaged caulking around windows and doors.
  • Remove window screens and clean with a soft brush and soapy water. Repair any holes or tears or replace the screen material before reinstalling.
  • Have air conditioning units serviced to ensure good operation. Promote air circulation around the unit by keeping shrubs and plants trimmed.
  • Clear debris from gutters and eaves to allow rainwater to drain properly.
  • Seal cracks in the driveway and keep walkways clear of debris and overgrown plants.
  • Test irrigation/sprinkler systems and replace any broken sprinkler heads or emitters. Check for proper water coverage and adjust if necessary.
  • Clean deck and patio surfaces and seal surfaces
Calgary checklist

Indoor Checklist

  • Vacuum refrigerator coils for dust to help maintain energy efficiency.
  • If possible, take area rugs outside and hang them over a deck or porch rail to air out.
  • Adjust ceiling fans for proper balance. While you’re at it, give the unit a good dusting.
  • Switch heavy bedding out for lightweight summer fabrics. Have the winter bedding cleaned before storing.
  • Close the chimney flue where appropriate to increase energy efficiency
  • Repot houseplants to give their roots a fresh start for the summer.
  • Remember to buy you Calgary Stampede Rodeo Tickets
  • Figure out what Stampede Pancake Breakfasts you will require an UBER ride for.
  • Hire the grass company to cut your lawn during your summer vacation.
  • Have a wonderful Summer, you have earned this.